During the year we will write to you with information about activities that will involve your child – these could be educational visits, sporting activities or special events in the academy. Please let us know if you would like this information to be emailed or posted to you rather than sent home with your child. Copies of all letters will also be posted on the academy Facebook page.

Additionally, if you need letters in large print, braille or translated into your home language, please let us know and we will do our best to ensure this happens.

Please download letters to Parents and Carers below.

20211105 - Christmas Raffle 2021
20211020 - Going paperless letter
20211015 - Parents Evening letter to Parents Nov 2021
20211013 - Missing parental email addresses
20211006 - Flu Parent Letter 2021
20211001 - Parental Consent for for everything - trips, medical etc
20210930 - FareShare letter
20210928 - Reception Introduction meeting to Parents
20210927 - Pennyman school uniform
20210902 - Welcome Letter Sept '21
20210902 - Contact details and numbers update
20210902 - Collection Procedures and Authorised Persons
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