Breakfast Provision

Our breakfast club provides the pupils with the opportunity to start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Each session is 50p. 

Our Breakfast Club runs daily from 8.00am until 8.50am. 

What we do during the session…


All children should report to the breakfast club via the Main Hall, where they will queue and wait to be registered. All children tidy up their bags and coats and then sit down to eat their breakfast.


During this time, children are given the opportunity to enjoy a range of academic and/or social activities; this promotes the development of positive social interaction skills. Members of teaching and learning staff supervise all areas (indoor and outdoor); they provide 1:1 reading opportunities, LEXIA learning programme and Computer club to enjoy interactive learning games. We provide a broad range of toys and equipment, including outdoor netball, football and hockey. For those children who wish to remain indoors, they can choose from a ranges of games, reading materials, construction bricks, floor games, chess and art equipment.


All of the children tidy up and then gather their bags and coats to proceed to their classes.

How to book a place?

A pre-booking form will need to be completed before your child is able to attend the Breakfast Club.

Please collect one of these forms from the academy office. Or download from the link below.

Breakfast Club - 2021-2022 booking form
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