Head TeacherMrs L Stogdale
Deputy Head TeacherMrs J Stuart
Assistant Head Teacher Unit Provision SENCO/Care TeamMrs T Hanger
Assistant Head Teacher KS2Miss R Tate
Assistant Head Teacher KS1/Attendance/SafeguardingMrs E Clement
Assistant Head Teacher BehaviourMrs L Rossington
Assistant Teacher EYFSMiss L Wilson
Nursery TeacherMrs R Ritchie
Nursery Learning SupportMrs H Davies
Nursery SEND TeacherMrs E Pinchin
Nursery SEND Learning SupportMiss A Greet
Nursery SEND Learning SupportMiss K Peall
Nursery SEND Learning SupportMrs L Pallent
Reception TeacherMrs V Place
Reception TeacherMiss L Wilson
Reception Learning SupportMiss K Parker
Reception Learning SupportMrs E Carter
Reception SEND TeacherMrs R Raynor
Reception SEND Learning SupportMiss K Holder
Reception SEND Learning SupportMrs A McDonald
Year 1 TeacherMrs A Jones
Year 1 TeacherMiss O Hall
Year 1 Learning SupportMiss C Foreman
Year 1 Learning SupportMrs C Boynton
Year 2 TeacherMr M Currah
Year 2 TeacherMrs H Plews
Year 2 Learning SupportMiss J Rumins
KS1 SEND TeacherMrs S McInnes
KS1 SEND Learning SupportMrs C Parkin
KS1 SEND Learning SupportMiss L Hussain
Year 3 TeacherMiss S White
Year 3 TeacherMiss C Carter
Year 4 TeacherMr C Jordinson
Year 4 TeacherMrs E Nelson
LKS2 SEND TeacherMrs H Potter
LKS2 SEND Learning SupportMiss E Willett
LKS2 SEND Learning SupportMrs T Hughes
Year 5 TeacherMiss R Tate
Year 5 TeacherMiss E Mackay
Year 6 TeacherMr R Leonard
Year 6 TeacherMiss S Nolan
KS2 TeacherMrs D Caveney
KS2 Learning SupportMiss E Goldsborough
Learning SupportMiss H Buckwell
Therapy Hub Learning SupportMrs E Gouldthorpe
Therapy Hub Learning SupportMrs L Cuffe
UKS2 SEND TeacherMiss L Barnes
UKS2 SEND Learning SupportMiss O Caveney
UKS2 SEND Learning SupportMr L Brennan
SEND TeacherMrs K Brooks
TeacherMrs G Brignall
Pupil WellbeingMrs V Muthana
SEND AdminMiss S Williams
Care TeamMiss M Graydon
Care TeamMrs De Andrade
Care TeamMiss K Appleby
Care TeamMrs M Flanagan
Care TeamMiss A Thompson
SupportMiss A Coleman
Lunchtime Supervisor/Reading Assistant/Breakfast Club Lead Mrs S Fenwick
Lunchtime Supervisor/Reading AssistantMiss C Nellist
Lunchtime Supervisor/Reading AssistantMrs J Robson
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss T Jackson
Lunchtime Supervisor/Reading AssistantMrs J Davies
MaternityMiss M Mason
Academy Business Manager Mrs G Waters
Academy Office ManagerMrs S Cummins
CaretakerMr K Higgins
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Tees Valley Education