Leave of Absence Requests

Pupils who have medical or dental appointments during the academy day are not permitted to leave unaccompanied; in every case a responsible person known to the academy must collect them. Please inform the office in advance of any appointments, and we will ask you to share a copy of the written confirmation of the appointment and that you confirm the identity of the person collecting the child, if not the parent or carer. Wherever possible please ensure appointments are arranged outside of academy hours.

Any authorised absence during term time will only be considered in exceptional circumstances outside the times stated above. These may include:

  • Where a medical condition applies (supported by a doctor’s letter)
  • Where parent/ carer’s holidays are prescribed by their employer and are non-negotiable (supported by a signed letter from the employer stating the specific holiday dates given and reason why the holiday period cannot be changed to coincide with school holidays).

The academy will continue to work with the local authority to address issues of poor attendance. The local authority has the power to issue fixed penalty notices or pursue prosecution in the most serious situations. 

Request for Leave of Absence
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