To support the cost of living, generic non-branded versions will be accepted for all items of our uniform. There is no expectation that branded items be purchased.

  • Red cardigan or jumper (it does not have to have the academy logo on)
  • Red or White shirt, blouse or polo shirt
  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore (no jogging bottoms or jeans).
  • Red/grey tartan skirt or pinafore
  • Plain ankle or knee-high socks or plain tights (grey, black, white or red).
  • Red and white striped or checked summer dresses may be worn in the summer (between March and October).
  • Grey shorts in summer for boys and girls. NO cycling shorts, cut-offs, leggings or long, baggy Bermuda style shorts.
  • Flat, plain black school shoes- No bold sole’s / logos. NO heels.
  • Close fitting flat, black ankle boots.
  • Shoes prescribed as part of a medical condition.
  • Children are welcome to bring a change of appropriate footwear for break and lunchtimes.

Hair Styles:

Boys are requested to wear smart hairstyles. No shaven patterns or radical styles. Girls with long hair will be encouraged to tie it back.  Academy colours are encouraged for any bows or bobbles that are worn.  Please ensure hair accessories are appropriately sized and in keeping with the uniform.


PE kits need to be in school for your child’s PE session, in a small bag with their name on.

The PE requirements are:

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Plain black shorts or joggers
  • Plain black fleece (in case it’s cold)
  • Change of suitable shoes

Please note, we have purchased spare school kits for children who do not have the school agreed kit.

Jewellery and nail polish

Please can we ask that children do not wear jewellery for school. Children can wear a sensible wrist watch.

Any children who have their ears pierced will be allowed to wear small studs. Children will be asked to remove earrings for P.E.

Children are asked not to wear nail polish or have gel nails for school, any child who is wearing nail polish, parents will be contacted and notified that school will remove the nail polish.

A price list / order form can be found on the link below.

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