Well done to all our Pennyman Champions this week!

Mrs Rossington Y5 – Daniel L For a brilliant week of amazing learning, and many more weeks of just that.

Mr Walton Y5 – Ava M For showing true commitment to learning by returning to school on the same day she fractured her arm.

Miss Cummins Y5 – Paul N For his lovely writing and effort in all lessons this week.

Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND – Byron S For incredible improvisation in drama club, and outstanding vocabulary in reading comprehension.

Mr Mount Y4 – Teri B For excellent work and attitude in afternoon lessons all week!

Miss Tate Y4 – Lily Mc For her engagement and excitement in all curriculum sessions.

Mrs Plews Y3 – Jensen M For an amazing piece of curriculum writing. You are becoming an excellent author!

Miss Baxter Y3 – Tyler F For an outstanding effort in all of his lessons. Keep it up!

Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND – Oliver K For amazing Mental Maths!!

Miss Carter Y2  – Lacey M For fantastic effort and hard work.

Mrs Dunn Y2 – Emre S     For fantastic effort and hard work this week and a brilliant piece of writing.

Mrs Potter Y1 – Jake F Wonderful sentence writing with finger spaces. Well done!

Mrs Douglas Y1 – Ralphie H A brilliant postcard and wonderful work all week! Well done Ralphie!

Miss Gates KS1 SEND – Maggie M For super progress with phonics; building and sounding out words.

Miss Ritchie Reception – Jack S For an amazing piece of independent writing.

Miss Mason Nursery AM – Jack W For amazing work this week.

Miss Mason Nursery PM – Deacon M For settling into nursery and coming in with a big smile.

Mr Blackburn EYFS SEND – Haniya A Really great use of her voice all week.

We are proud of you!

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