Well done to all our Pennyman Champions this week!

Mrs Stogdale – Charlie H , Y2 For making me smile and brightening my day.

Mr Hunter – Denem H, Y1 For working his socks off since coming back and trying to get better all the time in his morning and afternoon work.

Mrs Arkle – Rio S, Y1 For amazing knowledge of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Mrs Coates Y6- Azaan R For excellent contributions to our history discussions this week – all of the adults are so impressed!

Miss Marsden Y6 – Summer D For not giving up even when she has found things hard.

Mrs Rossington Y5 – Ella S For a great attitude since returning to school and acting on feedback.

Mr Walton Y5 – Jack F For his energy and enthusiasm in the afternoons, and his best writing ever in the mornings.

Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND – Gabriel F For showing great resilience in all areas, and for trying so hard with his independent writing all week.

Mr Mount Y4 – Darcy L For his superb contributions in reading and writing this week – you have shared lots of fab ideas!

Miss Stinson Y4 – Darci H For her amazing participation in our maths lessons and excellent problem solving!

Mrs Plews Y3 – Capri P For an improved attitude towards all of her lessons.

Miss Baxter Y3 – Jessica C For always doing her best in lessons and being brave with her learning even when it’s tricky.

Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND – Cobie M For fantastic work this week.

Mrs Clement Y2 – Sonny D For his resilience and fantastic attitude to his work. Well done!

Mrs Micklewright Y2 – Maddie F For super descriptive sentences in her narrative.

Mrs Potter Y1 – Teddy P For having an excellent attitude to his work and slotting in to his new group brilliantly. Well done Teddy!

Mrs Douglas Y1 – Denem H For trying really hard with his sentences about Traction man and impressing everyone!

Miss Gates KS1 SEND – Alex L For great progress with sentence building. Also, for always being such a kind friend.

Mrs Place Reception – Isla S For amazing writing this week. Keep it up!

Miss Ritchie Reception – Bethany C For always trying her best in class. Well done!

Miss Mason Nursery AM – Jaxon L For working hard this week and drawing some amazing pictures of our ducklings.

Miss Mason Nursery PM – Luchia B For quickly settling into nursery and always coming with a smile.

Mr Blackburn EYFS SEND – Ollie O For excellent communication and listening.

We are proud of you!

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