Well done to all our Pennyman Champions this week!

Mrs Stogdale Maisie B (Y4) For asking me every morning if I was ok and asking me if I have had a good day.

Mr Hunter – Ashton W (Y1) For overcoming upset, being brave and amazing me with his work and his attitude towards his work. What a star!

Mrs Arkle – Henson C (Y2) For taking care of other and being fantastic and recalling his set 2 and 3 sounds.

Mrs Coates Y6 – Molly P For an amazing effort in Maths and English this week.

Miss Marsden Y6 – Freddie P For an amazing attitude towards all his learning and for having impeccable manners!

Mrs Rossington Y5 – Lexi C For a fantastic effort with her robobug project- it was outstanding.

Mr Walton Y5 – Riley H For returning to school with an independent and resilient attitude.

Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND – Byron S For amazing independent writing and being brave when talking about his emotions.

Mr Mount Y4 – Troy K For an excellent attitude towards learning all week! Keep it up!

Miss Stinson Y4 – Archie S For his amazing attitude towards learning this week. I am so excited to read your completed story!

Mrs Plews Y3 – Isaac W For an amazing piece of writing this week.

Miss Baxter Y3 – Conlyn H For a super ‘back to school attitude’ and for always doing the right thing.

Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND – Sienna S For being brave twice this week, reading to the class and trying new fruit.

Mrs Clement Y2 – Isla B For a great first week at Pennyman!

Mrs Micklewright Y2 – Olivia B For beautiful handwriting and having a positive approach in her first full week back!

Mrs Potter Y1 – Dawson F For settling so well into his new group and having an excellent attitude to his learning. Well done Dawson!

Mrs Douglas Y1 Ashton W – For being so brave coming into school every day even when you were feeling worried. You are a superstar!

Miss Gates KS1 SEND – Maggie M For great effort and progress with mark-making for writing.

Mrs Place Reception – Ollie T For a great attitude and good sound work this week.

Miss Ritchie Reception – Ava B For settling into Pennyman and her new class so well.

Miss Mason Nursery AM – Payton J For always trying her best.

Miss Mason Nursery PM – Vivienne L For working very hard this week.

We are proud of you!

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