Well done to all our champions this week.

Mrs Fawcett – Ava M For always taking pride in her work.
Mrs Coupe – Henry H For amazing manners and kindness in the dinner hall.
Mr Hunter – Emre S For speaking with such confidence and conviction during the virtual session this week.
Mrs Arkle – Lilly F For always having wonderful manners and a huge smile. You cheer me up when I see you.
Mrs Coates Y6 – Bobby K For writing an amazing story in the style of David Almond.
Miss Marsden Y6 – Daniel A For excellent curriculum work this week!
Mrs Rossington Y5 – Isabelle E A consistent attitude towards her learning.
Mr Walton Y5 – Alfie R For an improvement in handwriting and content of work.
Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND – Hayley T For trying very hard all week, and applying her amazing knowledge of counting in groups.
Mr Mount Y4 – Scarlett W For showing a mature attitude to all her learning this week.
Miss Stinson Y4 – Layton T For a huge improvement in how much he is reading at home! Well done!
Mrs Plews Y3 – Mussa M For being brave and kind in all lessons and outside.
Miss Baxter Y3 – Payton J For an excellent first term in Year 3 and an improved confidence and attitude towards learning.
Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND – Oliver K For always following rules and having super listening skills during this exciting time, building up to Xmas!
Mrs Clement Y2 – Grace R For consistent hard work and effort this week. Well done!
Miss Carter Y2 – Rachel H For an amazing adverb poem!
Mrs Brooks KS1 SEND – Jude D For eating all your dinner every day this week!
Mrs Place Reception – Tia R For coming in with a smiley face most mornings this week and for always doing the right thing.
Miss Ritchie Reception – Jack S For super maths work this week.
Miss Mason Nursery AM – Fenton S For working very hard to improve his behaviour at home.
Miss Mason Nursery PM – Finn S For trying very hard this week.
Mr Blackburn EYFS SEND – Ollie O For great communication and good listening.

Well done to you all!

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