Well done to all our champions this week.

Mrs Fawcett Tommy B – Being a kind and caring Pennyman learner.

Mrs Coupe Cobie M – Being such a kind Pennyman citizen keeping our school tidy.

Mr Hunter Eva L – Working hard with her writing and being a superstar in the lunch hall.

Mrs Arkle Rahim N – For always smiling, being enthusiastic and having wonderful manners.

Mrs Coates Y6 George R – For brilliant editing and redrafting of his fantastic time slip story!

Miss Marsden Y6 Kaden O – For an outstanding first week back! I am so proud of you!

Mrs Rossington Y5 Gracie H – For making super progress in maths by absolutely smashing long multiplication!

Mr Walton Y5 Romie Gooch – For her commitment to improve – and, she got her full pen licence this week.

Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND Byron S – For commitment, enthusiasm and imaginative thinking in all areas of his learning. An amazing week! Well done!

Mr Mount Y4 Bella J – For her complete commitment to all she does, keep it up!

Miss Stinson Y4 Kasey-Leigh R for amazing behaviour for learning this week. Mrs Plews Y3 Evie M – Her enthusiasm towards school every day. You are a little ray of sunshine.

Miss Baxter Y3 Payton J – Improving her attitude to learning and refusing to give up when something is tricky.

Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND Erin D – For several WOW moments and super effort all week!

Mrs Clement Y2 – Lydia Q – For perseverance and hard work in all her learning. Well done!

Miss Carter Y2 – Jack W – For amazing attitude in his learning and fantastic Maths.

Mrs Rix Y1 Teddy P – For writing a sentence independently.

Mrs Douglas Y1 Jake R For 100% effort in all tasks and improved handwriting.

Mrs Place Reception Thea J – For persevering at her tasks all week.

Miss Ritchie Reception Willow D- For coming out of her shell and doing lots of fantastic work and reading at home.

Miss Mason Nursery AM Sarah Louise B – For always trying her best.

Miss Mason Nursery PM Cole L – For an amazing start to Nursery.

We are proud of you!

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