Well done to all our champions this week.

Mrs Fawcett – Jayden A, Y5 For always being a polite and helpful Pennyman citizen.

Mrs Coupe – Eliza E, Y3 For having one of the biggest infectious smiles in the academy, even when injured.

Mr Hunter – Scarlet L, LKS2 SEND For her endless enthusiasm to all aspects of school and making me feel so welcome at Pennyman.
Mrs Arkle – Scarlett D, Y2 For outstanding manners, being caring and for always smiling.

Mrs Coates Y6 -Anderson I For amazing independent work this week! You are working so hard and I am so proud of you!

Miss Marsden Y6 – Jesse D For always being so kind and considerate to other children. You are a superstar!

Mrs Rossington Y5 – Poppy F For an enthusiastic approach to her learning always.

Mr Walton Y5 – Destiny D For always having an independent attitude to her learning and having a smile on her face.

Mrs Newbold UKS2 SEND – Lexi-Mae S For outstanding English work – story writing/handwriting. Gaining her pen licence and trying so hard in all other subjects too!

Mr Mount Y4 – Lilly B For a fantastic, creative and descriptive adventure story!

Miss Stinson Y4 – Archie S For his incredible ideas during our shared writes. He has also used some amazing vocabulary this week!

Mrs Plews Y3 – Alex W For working to the best of his ability in all lessons.

Miss Baxter Y3 – Jake C For being the best that he can be in all lessons and for having a super attitude and a cheeky smile.

Mrs Hutchinson LKS2 SEND – Oliver K For excellent attitude to school work and super maths work on TIME!

Mrs Clement Y2 – Logan H For outstanding learning behaviour. You are a fantastic role model.

Miss Carter Y2 – Layton S For amazing addition. Well done!

Mrs Rix Y1 – Presley C For having a mature attitude to his learning and for always contributing in class.

Mrs Douglas Y1 – Michael B For trying so hard with his communication skills and talking like Fred frog in phonics!

Mrs Brooks KS1 SEND – Maggie M For being a fantastic member of the class. Keep it up!

Mrs Place Reception – Scarlette M For giving 100% in everything she does and for excellent homework.

Miss Ritchie Reception – Bethany C For practising writing her name one letter at a time after learning not to jumble them up.

Miss Mason Nursery AM – Ollie J For being an excellent superhero.

Miss Mason Nursery PM – Lily Rose F For growing in confidence.

Mr Blackburn EYFS SEND – Ollie O For great communication and using the word ‘more’!

We are proud of you all!

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