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PE & Sports Premium

Funding Allocation 2016/17

Amount received: £9610

Sports premium funding intended spending:

Our key objective in using the Sports Premium Grant is to improve pupil’s attainment in sport and to offer further opportunities for general fitness. We aim to increase the amount of pupil premium children attending extra-curricular activities and offer a wider range of after school provision. In addition, we intended to further develop our outdoor facilities so that pupils can engage in sports activities independently at both break and lunch times. We will also be continuing to develop how we celebrate sporting efforts and successes.

This year 2016-17 we plan to use the Sports premium funding to:

  • Provide extracurricular activities including after school provision to promote fitness and wellbeing and to increase the number of children currently accessing the provision
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate sporting efforts and achievements both within the academy
  • Provide opportunities for pupil’s to take part in competitive sport around the region, including cost of transport and expenses
  • Continue to provide and update outdoor sporting equipment and facilities for children to access
  • Provide further sporting opportunities for children with SEND
  • Employment of staff to facilitate the above


Please Click Here for The Impact of Primary Pe and Sports Premium.


Funding Allocation 2015/16

For the period September 2015 – August 2016 we will receive a total funding amount of £9,610

Sport Premium Spending Report 2015-2016

Funding Allocation 2014/15

For the period September 2014 – August 2015 we will receive a total funding amount of £9,610

Sport Premium Spending Report 2014-2015


Funding Allocation 2013/14

For the period September 2013 – August 2014 we received £9,000 under the government initatitive aimed at improving physical education (PE) in primary schools.

This is how we spent the allocation:

Description Spend Impact on the children
Middlesbrough Sports Partnership £500.00 Following the decision to cease the previous Middlesbrough Sports Partnership, PE leaders across Middlesbrough agreed to form a new partnership network. This gives children access to a wide range of competitions for a variety of different sports: football, rugby, netball, orienteering, cross country, cricket etc.
Youth Sport £450.00 Access to an extensive network of schools, colleges and other institutions.

As part of the membership , the academy receives free CPD for staff where a need has been identified or new initiatives that have been introduced as part of the new curriculum.

TLR 3 Payments with on costs £1,852.08 SB to implement the Sport and Health RAD plan and lead the transition from an academy Priority Three to Priority Two for this academic year.

SB to coordinate with tother schools across the Middlesbrough Partnership to improve/increase provision and facilitate competition participation.

Tees Valley Titans: Wheelchair Basketball Coaching £1050.00

Projected Spend: £600.00

Children given the opportunity to work with professional players from this team. A link has been established between the club and the academy.

Increases the children’s empathy and understanding of the world.

Children of all abilities are able to participate.

All children in Key Stage Two have had one term’s PE education enrichment. Children have had the opportunity to attend an after-school wheelchair basketball club delivered by Tees Valley Titans players.

What a Racquet: KS1 After School Dance Club £325.00 Weekly after school provision for children across Key Stage One.
What a Racquet: KS2 Girls After School Football Club £250.00 A girls’ after-school club that was requested by the children themselves. Reluctant and in-active children participate in a relaxed atmosphere with their peers. All girls have shown an increase in skills, self-esteem and sportsmanship. In addition, this has allowed children to increase their weekly participation in sport, therefore improving their health and well-being.
Steven Newham: Y6 PE £2,475.00 Projected Spend: £1,237.50 A specialist sports coach, used to deliver weekly physical education curriculum. Children participate in a variety of different sports, i.e. fencing, that the academy is not resourced to deliver.

Steven was involved in the academy fundraising for ‘Sport Relief’.

Increased engagement from all children.

Steven Newham: After School Provision A weekly Key Stage Two boys’ football club.

A weekly Key Stage Two Fencing club.

Entry into Football Competition £100.00 To give children the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment, developing teamwork and sportsmanship. Children had the opportunity to work alongside children and adults from other schools thus improving their social skills.
Teesside & Cleveland Trophies: 1 Cup £56.50 To recognise the achievement of the boys football team in winning the Middlesbrough Schools Football League, raising their self-esteem and the aspirations of the other children in the academy.

This trophy and the Middlesbrough Football Club Wilf Mannion Trophy are on display in the academy entrance.

Supply Cover: 2 days £500.00 Cover for SB to allow him to attend: 1 day: Boys Football Competition with the children.

1 day: Tees Valley Physical Education Conference.

MFC Wilf Mannion Football Competition entry fee £70.00 1 Y3/Y4 Boys team entered (2 day tournament)

1 Y5/Y6 Boys team entered (2 day tournament)

Specialist Dance Coach £400.00 Used in Reception and Year One after requests from staff for CPD. Also children have the opportunity to work with a specialist dance coach to improve their own skills.

Reception: 8 week block
Year One: 6 week block

Penman World Cup 2014 £500.00 All children involved in a week long enrichment topic.

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