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Ideas for Sharing Learning at Home

If your child would like to bring it in to school to share, we would love to see it.

Nursery and EYFS SEND


How does this building stay up?

  • Look at the different types of building you can find in our local environment eg. Bungalows, houses, shops.
  • Discuss and describe the different materials that are used to build a house.
  • Draw a picture of who lives in my house.


Are we there yet?

  • Go to the library and find books about vehicles, travel and different types of transport.
  • Carry out a traffic survey for different coloured cars. Make a tally chart. Think about which is the most and least popular colour.
  • Make your own junk model of a vehicle of your choice.
Year 1


Dinosaur Planet

  • Create a dinosaur mask or hat and bring it into school.
  • Make up a story about a dinosaur to tell your family.
  • Watch birds closely in your garden or local park with binoculars. Do you think they walk like dinosaurs?
Year 2 and Y1/2 SEND


Land Ahoy!

  • Design and make your own boat. What materials will you use? What will you name it?
  • Make your own pirate treasure chest. What will you keep in it?
  • Make a treasure map.
Year 3


Gods and Mortals: we are historians…

  • Design your own mythical creature. What animal body parts would you use?
  • Using books or the internet with an adult, research the country Greece. What is their flag? Do they have traditional foods? What is the capital of Greece?
  • Make an information book on the different Greek gods and goddesses.
Year 4 and Y3/4 SEND


Road Trip USA: we are explorers…

  • Research online to create a timeline of Native American history.
  • Find out about the Battle of Little Bighorn. Why is it such an important historical event?
  • There have been many American presidents over the last 100 years. How many can you name?
Year 5


Allotment: we are horticulturists…

  • Find out where different fruit and vegetables come from and work out how many miles each one has had to travel to reach Middlesbrough.
  • Plan a rainbow garden of fruit, vegetables and flowers to cover all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Make a non fiction book about rare and unusual plants.
Year 6 and Y5/6 SEND


Darwin’s Delights: we are geneticists…

  • Make a fact file of different fossils.
  • Visit the Great Plant Hunt website and be a plant detective just like Darwin.
  • Research conservation charities such as the World Wildlife Fund to learn about current endangered species. 


How to find us

  • Pennyman Primary Academy
  • Fulbeck Road
  • Netherfields
  • Middlesbrough
  • TS3 0QS

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