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Ideas for Sharing Learning at Home


If your child would like to bring it in to school to share, we would love to see it.

Nursery and EYFS SEND

Why do you love me so much?

  • Bring into nursery a picture of your child when they were a baby.
  • Talk to your child about who lives in their house and who is in their family.
  • When walking around the local environment talk about the different types of houses you can see eg bungalows, flats, houses and shops.
  • Encourage your child to draw a picture of themselves to share at school.

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

  • Talk about Autumn – what happens during this time of the year?
  • Can you collect different coloured leaves and Autumnal objects? (conkers, pine cones, acorns)
  • Talk about where squirrels live and what other animals you might see in a wood.
Year 1 and Y1/2 SEND

Enchanted Woodland

  • Take photos of interesting flowers and trees in your garden or local area.
  • Make patterns and sculptures using natural materials found in your garden.
  • Make miniature homes and gardens for fairies using natural materials.
  • Write a ‘What am I?’ riddle about an animal, plant or tree for family to solve.
Year 2

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

  • Make your own information book about castles, bridges or tunnels.
  • Create a model of a famous structure using junk materials found at home.
  • Find on a world map all the famous landmarks you would like to visit.
  • Design a fantastic new landmark for your local area.
Year 3 and Y3/4 SEND

Predator: We are zoologists…

  • Make a mini fact-file about your favourite predator.
  • Make your own non-fiction book about a predatory animal – pet cat perhaps.
  • Write a ‘What am I?’ riddle about a predator for family to solve.
  • Research predators and write down any new facts you find out.
Year 4

I am Warrior: we are historians…


  • Find out the dates of birth of your family and write them in Roman numerals.
  • Draw a Roman god or goddess and write a fact-file about them.
  • Create a wordsearch using vocabulary from your Roman topic.
  • Research what modern day Rome is like today – historic places, clothes, homes.
Year 5 and Y5/6 SEND

Beast Creator: we are entomologists…


  • Go on a bug hunt. Take photographs and write captions about what you find.
  • Design a symmetrical design for butterfly wings.
  • Make comparisons between two minibeasts listing similarities and differences.
  • Make your own minibeast sketch book and record any information you can find.
Year 6

A Child’s War: we are historians…


  • Talk to family or friends about their wartime and post-war memories and record what they say.
  • Make a scrap book of World War II images and write captions for each one.
  • Find out what happened in your local area during the war.
  • Conduct a survey amongst family and friends to find out which book they would take if they were evacuees and could take just one book with them.


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